Settings of the Mass Propers
(Entrance, Offertory, and Communion Antiphons)



Simple Choral Gradual 
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Modern notation, primarily designed for Choral Singing


Cantor / Congregational Responses:

Volume 1 for Advent and Christmas


Volume 2 for Sundays 2–12


Volume 3 for Lent and Holy Week


Volume 4 for Easter and Pentecost


Volume 5 for Sundays 13-23


Volume 6 for Sundays 24-34


Appendix: for Solemnities











Download the full book | Practice Videos and Practice Video II

Download the introduction to the book which contains a practical guide to singing the Simple English Propers.


Compiled Booklets

Advent Season

Christmas Season

Lenten Season


Easter Season

Ordinary Time

Feasts and Solemnities

Ritual Masses